Short Films

64 Die Versöhnung    66 Stella    67 Galaxis    67/68 Jane erschießt John, weil er sie mit Ann betrügt

80 Hast Du Lust mit mir einen Kaffee zu trinken?      84 Zwei Bilder

Feature Films
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86 Tarot        87 The Microscope    88 Der Philosoph      89 Sieben Frauen     91 Love at First Sight
92 Die Sonnengöttin    94 Das Geheimnis    97 Just Married    97 Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan
99 Paradiso, Seven Days with Seven Women        00 Venus talking        02 Red and Blue
03 Woman Driving, Man Sleeping      05 You told me, that you love me      05 Smoke Signs
06 The Visible and the Invisible      08 Pink    10 The Red Room     11 Into the Blue


Short Synopsis

The internet is an integral part of Rudolf Thome's latest feature, VENUS TALKING. Novellist Venus lives with her family out of Berlin and moves temporarily to the city where she is starting to write a new book. Her fans can watch her via a webcam.
Away from husband and children she begins an affair with Fabrizio. Her son Thorsten watches her in bed with the lover on the internet via a second webcam. Confronted by her son Venus destroys the webcam and starts to write the book. Having finished her novel she returns home to make a new beginning with her husband, the man she truly loves.

Sabine Bach, Roger Tebb, Vladimir Weigl, Guntram Brattia, Andre Meyer, Rolf-Peter Kahl, Isabelle Hindersin, Nicole Berger, Nora Hanke, Markus Perschmann, Kathleen Fiedler

Produced, written and directed by Rudolf Thome
Camera: Carsten Thiele
Editor: Karin Nowarra
Music: Wolfgang Böhmer
Art director: Reinhard Dittmann
Costumes: Gioia Raspe
Sound: Frank Bubenzer

Length: 95 min
35 mm CinemaScope, colour
First screening: Feb. 11, 2001, Berlin Film Festival (New German Films)